Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch

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Rubber Mulch
Ideal for gardens, playgrounds, schools, councils and equestrian. Available in Charcoal Black and Rice Brown

Black Mulch: $29.7/12.5kg bag covers 1 m2 at 40mm in depth
Brown Mulch: $33/12.5kg bag covers 1 m2 at 40mm in dept



Utilising Rubber mulch in the garden has many benefits over normal garden mulch. The problem with wood chips garden mulch is that it attracts termites, only lasts 6 months and sets you up for a continuous repurchasing of the mulch. Over a 10 year period you would need to buy your wood chip garden mulch 20 times.


Contrasting with that is Rubber Mulch. The benefits of rubber mulch are as follows:

  • You only buy the mulch once as it will last 10-20 years
  • You can choose a colour to suit your house and garden area
  • It keeps in moisture which saves on water bills
  • It never fades
  • Environmentally friendly recycling of materials
  • Non-Toxic
  • Portable if you move house (Rake it up and take it with you!)
  • Doesn’t attract house eating insects


Our friendly team can help you make the right selection for your project. Visit our O’Connor showroom to view and take away samples or discuss your landscaping project with us on (08) 9337 7715 or submit an online enquiry.