09 Jan BUFFALO 35

BUFFALO 35   Buffalo 35 from our premium range, which offers 4 tones colour and highly durable, matt finish blades. This is a very natural looking Buffalo turf. Pile height: 35mm Mixture:  PP &NET 14000 DTEX Stitches: 15700/m2 Machine Gauge: 3/8 Width: 2M, 3.75M or 4M UV resistance Lead Free 8 year guarantee ...

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09 Jan PACIFIC 35

PACIFIC 35   Pacific 35 is one of our premium range turfs. It offers a thick and lush look! Pacific 35 is a lovely soft turf and highest density blades which requires no sands infill. Pile height: 35mm Mixture: PP &NET 11000DTEX Stitches: 27300/m2 Machine Gauge: 3/8 Width: 2M, 3.75M or 4M UV resistance Lead Free 8 year guarantee    ...

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09 Jan OASIS 40

OASIS 40     OASIS 40 is one of our premium turf. It is a 6 tones turf with medium blades 40 mm in height. The green backing makes OASIS 40 cooler. Pile height: 40mm Mixture: PP&NET 17000 dtex Stitches: 14700/m2 Machine Gauge: 3/8 Width: 2m, 3.75m or 4m UV resistance Lead Free 8 year guarantee  ...

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12 Jun Fresh 30

Fresh 30   The budget option for artificial grass for residential landscaping 4 tone colours with both straight and curled yarn that is soft to the touch with a natural look. Suitable for commercial or residential landscapes, surrounding pools, and playgrounds. Pile height: 30mm Mixture: PE & PP 5300dtex+3300dtex Stitches: 16800/m2 Machine Gauge:...

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08 Jan Power Broom for Hire

Power Broom is used at the last stage of synthetic turf installation. It helps to get sands to sit to the right place, so the turf yarn will stand up nicely to achieve the perfect result. $45 + GST for 4-hour hire $70 + GST for 24-hour hire...

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